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Welcome to my site.  Here at I intend to create a Portfolio of my Comic Books.  In addition provide helpful tips and articles for fans of Comics, Graphic Novels and all things Super Heroes.  

The content of this site will include helpful tips and lessons learned for creating comics and comic art.  Man Power is the comic creation that I have been working on since high school.

Please follow along with the progression from idea to publication.  Currently when you become a Site Member you will gain access to my Free Online Comic.  See Man Power #1 and #2 available now.  Issue three is in the works.

I also offer the full issue of Man Power Blue Book #1 and issue #2 both in the sites Web Store Page.  Issues #3 and #4 of the four part set are in the proof reading stage, look for them coming soon.  

This site is a work in progress, and much of the content I will rely on input from you the reader.

Please continue to visit this site on a regular basis to see new content. 

Stan Lee with Catherine and Myself at Fan Expo Canada

   What's New 

 Visit My Blog Page.  I'll admit that I do not update it as often as I should, but please take a look.  I will keep you updated on Canada's largest Comic Book Convention.  Fan Expo 2015 in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  I will also share my current projects and would really like your thoughts, comments and ideas.

I will be featuring a number of Articles and Tips on Comic Book creation and interesting information for Comic and Sci-Fi fans.


There will be "How To" information and numerous options and opinions on Comic Book and Science Fiction products.  

Something new for 2015 readers will be a Book Of The Month feature.  I will be alternating topics periodically in this category.  I will start with my personal opinion on some must read Comic Book and Graphic Novels. Later on I will include some articles on Legends of the Comic World.

With each new addition I would like to invite you my readers and members to let me know what you think with your emails and comments.  Please let me know what you would like to see more of, or something I have missed. 


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